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We offer psychological services to adults of all ages, and have a special interest in conducting therapy with young adults. We will work collaboratively with you to achieve your goals, and we can provide expertise in helping you make changes that you have found particularly difficult to make on your own.

Psychotherapy can help with...

  • setting limits / boundaries with others
  • decreasing self-criticism
  • managing anger
  • diminishing symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • addressing underlying causes of anxiety and depression
  • improving relationship satisfaction with friends / family / co-workers
  • clarifying decisions
  • making satisfying life choices

Where to find us

#315 - 2204 2 St SW
Henry Huang Wing
Holy Cross Centre
Calgary AB T2S3C2

Phone 403-764-8808

Fax 403-452-0045

Ascend Psychotherapy is an association of independent psychologists.